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Research Assistance

For Graduate Students, Professors and Professionals
Assessment Profiles & Results Provided At No Charge!

research_assistance_1.jpgWinslow Research Institute offers assessment materials and scoring services at no fee to qualified graduate students, professors and professionals conducting research in the behavioral sciences. To apply for research assistance, please send us a copy of your research prospectus, outlining the scope of your research. If your project is approved, Winslow Research will set you up with a confidential Winslow Website and Free Profile Passwords. Your Website will enable you to activate Profile Passwords for your participants and access their assessment results. Your participants complete the Winslow Profile of your choice (descriptions below) on our user-friendly Internet System. A Personality Profile will be available on each of your participants indicating the score they received on each of the personality characteristics measured. There is no fee for this service, however, we require that you send us two bound copies of your entire research report and allow us to share your results with others. For more information, please phone us at (925) 516-8686.

Winslow Dynamics Profile

The Dynamics Profile measures the twenty-four behavioral characteristics relevant to career success and personal contentment.

Personality Characteristics Assessed by this Program:

Interpersonal Traits Organizational Traits
 •Recognition  •Structure
 •Conscientiousness  •Order
 •Exhibition  •Flexibility
 •Trust  •Creativity
 •Nurturance  •Responsibility
Dedication Traits Self-control Traits
 •Ambition  •Self-confidence
 •Endurance  •Composure
 •Assertiveness  •Tough-mindedness
 •Boldness  •Autonomy
 •Coachability  •Contentment
 •Leadership  •Control

individuals, 17 years or older.

Assessment Time: approximately one hour, to complete 260 assessment questions.

Winslow Success Profile

The Success Profile measures eleven personality characteristics that are fundamental to success, regardless of the subject's career or lifestyle.

Personality Characteristics Assessed by this Program:

Competitiveness Traits  Self-control Traits
• Ambition
Assertiveness Composure
Endurance Tough-mindedness
Dedication Traits Composite Traits
• Coachability  •Competitiveness
Conscientiousness  •Self-Control
Responsibility  •Dedication

individuals 17 years or older.

Assessment Time: approximately 30 minutes, to complete 130 assessment questions.

Program Procedures

research_assistance_2.jpg1.  Upon approval of your research project, a Winslow Website will be created for your project. The number of Profile Passwords required will be placed in your account at no cost to you.

2.  Now activate a Profile Password for each of your subjects; the system will email them a Password & assessment directions.

3. The participants complete the self-administered, multiple-choice questionnaire, on the Internet at your/their location and convenience.

4.  As each Profile is completed, the System will check the participant's answers to determine the accuracy and objectivity of their answers to the assessment questions. Approximately thirty percent of all participants have invalid assessments on their first take. This occurs because some participants intentionally select answers they think will provide desirable results, or they unintentionally exaggerate their responses to the questions.

5.  When an assessment is inaccurate or positively biased, a letter will immediately appear on screen, explaining why their results were invalid, along with suggestions for retaking the Profile. Winslow Research will not produce assessment results unless the answers to the Profile are an accurate and objective description of your subjects' personality and attitudes.

6.  Immediately after a Profile is completed and valid, the assessment results will be available to you on your Winslow Website.

7.  When you complete your research project and write the Report, you agree to send to our institute two complete bound copies of your research report/results.

Assessment Results

Personality Profiles graphically illustrate the personality traits measured by the program (11 or 24 traits). The trait scores are presented in separate Trait Group Profiles, which group together the traits most closely related to one another.

Average Group Profile is available upon request, wherein the average score for all of your subjects are plotted on one Profile. The highest and lowest score attained by any subject for each of the traits measured, are also indicated.

Average Sub-group Profiles are available upon request. These Profiles allow you to place your subjects into sub-groups for analyses. For example: "Successful" managers on one Group Profile and "Unsuccessful" managers on another; or you may wish to group your subjects by age, location, position, or any other criterion.

Distribution Profiles are available upon request. These Profiles indicate how many of your subjects score in each of the scoring zones (1 to 10), for each of the traits measured.

Data Files are available for a nominal cost. This feature will enable you to download the raw scores to a spread sheet for ease of analyses.

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